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July the 20th 2009
As we get done with the All-Star break for MLB it gets to be a very profitable time of year for people who do what we do. The start of Football and final days of baseball what could be better?
March Madness but that is for another blog.
The first half of the MLB season was like no other I have had in many years. We ended up at for the first half and picks did not really get started clicking until mid June.
As I start getting my data bases ready for the new football season I look foreword to the start of yet another profitable season. Will it be as good as last year? 65% only time will tell.
So on this blog lets jump into pre-season football and my thoughts on betting it.
#1 I do believe there are spots that you can cash!! In Pre-Season.
But for the most part it is a shot in the dark. That is why information is so important all the time!
#2 I only risk about 2% of my bankroll on any given day as in the regular season I will risk 5% or more.
#3 I have seen too many guys blow the whole bankroll or get in the hole deep to there outs to risk to much.
In the upcoming days and weeks we will break down this pre-season.

Feel free to add your thoughts anytime and please remember visit my web site daily for the current odds, angles and trends.

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