Tuesday, July 21, 2009

7-21-09 VICK IN OR OUT?

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July the 7-21-09
MLB started back for us last night and it was a spilt out night. I have a huge dog going in tonight’s MLB get all the details at my web site.
Now lets talk Mike Vick what are his chances of coming back this year 50/50? I would say alot less IMHO but one thing is for sure someone will pick him up next season and it would not surprise me if it was good ole Jerry and the boys who make a move!
Remember the Pac Man deal LOL but leave it to Jerry to stir things up. And what about the home town Rangers it is about time for them to fade out of the picture but this may be the year. Famous last words here in Texas.
Best of Luck tonight and checkout the big dog in the MLB

Good Luck

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